The new dimension of co-working

The idea behind mspaces

mspaces – trial version now available

The challenge

The world has become faster, more complex, more hybrid. Global value chains will increase the need for cross-organizational collaboration. Existing solutions do not work when it comes to effective collaboration across organizational boundaries.

Many companies are still working the way they did 20 years ago: Confidential information is sent in unencrypted attachments. Distribution lists are hard to control. Instead of working together on documents, we still send emails. File storage is often decentralized and unstructured.

The solution

Out of chaos structure arises. mspaces is the first cloud-based digital workspace for cross-organizational collaboration. Based on state-of-the-art tools and technologies with market acceptance, such as video conferencing or content management, a central and and intuitive software solution has been developed.

mspaces brings the conference room into the digital world. Topic-based and structured, inspired by New Work.

mspaces: Away from chaos – towards a structured solution

The new WWW: World Wide Workspace

State-of-the-art technologies

Visavid Logo


Visavid is more than just a video conferencing system. It creates virtual spaces for online meetings, webinars, e-learning, and much more. Visavid is the official video conferencing solution for all Bavarian schools and is widely utilized by various associations and educational institutions.

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Through the strategic partnership with ownCloud, the leading developer of open-source software for secure digital workplaces, mspaces benefits from profound expertise and a vast community. mspaces integrates Infinite Scale 3.0, the world’s most secure real-time collaboration platform. ownCloud has already convinced over 200 million users worldwide with its outstanding quality and security.

The future

Icon collaboration

Real cross-organizational collaboration

mspaces facilitates seamless collaboration across multiple interfaces, creating an authentic collaborative content workspace. This enables a fundamental shift in the way we work and promotes an entirely new way of collaboration.

Icon topic orientation

Topic orientation – work-space instead of work-place

mspaces enables an effective structure of topics. In contrast to the traditional solutions mspaces creates a dynamic workspace that adapts flexibly to needs. This topic orientation in the space also creates a neutral ground on which all information is centralised in a confidential, structured and transparent manner.

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Icon cloud-based solution

Cloud-based SaaS solution

mspaces offers a cloud-based solution that ensures the highest security standards. Through the cloud infrastructure, users can seamlessly access their data and collaborate in real-time, while secure European servers and GDPR-compliant data processing ensure that all information remains protected and confidential.

Icon user interface

Central user interfaces

mspaces bundles all work processes in a central user interface. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to find their way around in the Collaborative Content Workspace.